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No. Phone lines are not included in the basic package, but they are available as optional add-on in your lease. More and more people are conducting their business using their cellular phones, and we feel that having unlimited access to the internet is generally more sought after than having a private phone line.

Our secure facility is accessed by both fingerprint and electronic key, which allows our clients 24 hour access to their offices. At this time, the receptionist is only present during business hours, and will not be in to monitor phone calls after regular business hours.

Our leases are on a month to month basis, meaning that the minimum lease for desk or office space is one month.

The receptionist must be informed of all appointments and visitors in order to grant them access to the building. If an unscheduled visitor should arrive, the visitor’s party must give confirmation.

The receptionist retrieves mail and packages for all the clients, as well as takes any calls and/or messages for them. The receptionist is responsible for all appointments and monitors all the visitors that come in and out of the office, the receptionist also keeps track of the conference room schedule, and see to the clients business needs.

We strive to accommodate our clients as their business expands, and offer an upgrade at any point during your lease to move from either a desk to an office or from a small office to a larger office with a smooth transition.

Yes. We believe that once you lease your space, you are free to set it up as you see fit. While we provide the basic furniture needed in an office, we will help with any additional furniture you may need.

The name plaque is one of our complimentary services that we offer for all our clients. All clients are free to customize the nameplate as they see fit.

While the hallways, kitchens, and bathrooms are cleaned daily, the occupants have the option to request individual office cleaning with a small added price to their lease.

At this time, we don't offer any private parking for our clients, however we are located in an area where parking is never a problem.